Suggested Varieties

The varieties listed below are suggested are good garden plants which produce quality blooms. They can be grown in many different situations and can be used for many uses in your garden, ie. hedging, screening, espaliering, and as general garden specimens.

Beautiful blooms may be seen on the show bench but it is wise to check with a knowledgeable grower as some varieties produce magnificent blooms but may require special care or conditions.

The majority of camellias listed are generally available but in the case of the reticulata hybrids and species it may be difficult to find the plant required as some of them need to be propogated by grafting which is labour-intensive and therefore an expensive method of propagation.

Here it is of great value to be a member of Camellias Victoria where fellow members are always happy to help with advice and plant material.

(and related species)

ASAKURA - White shaded pink, semi-double. 
BERT JONES - Silver pink, medium, semi double
BONANZA - Deep red, large, semi peony form
CHANSONETTE – Mid mauve pink, formal double
EARLY PEARLY – White with blush centre, rose form double
EGAO – Clear pink, large, semi-double. 
FUKUZUTSUMI – White blused pink, large, single to semi-double. 
HIRYU (KANJIRO) - Rose pink, large, semi double. 
MARGE MILLER – Soft pink double, especially suitable for ground cover or hanging basket. 
MINE NO YUKI - White, medium, semi double to loose peony
PARADISE BELINDA – Mauve pink, large, semi-double. 
PARADISE BLUSH – White, blushed pink, semi-double. Larger growing cutivar (3 metres) 
PARADISE PETITE – Pale pink, small, rose form double. Great as smaller hedge or parteir
PARADISE SAYAKA – Creamy pink, semi-double. Good upright cultivar for hedge in narrower beds. 
PLANTATION PINK – Pink, large, semi-double. 
SETSUGEKKA – White, medium to large, semi-double. 
STAR ABOVE STAR White shading to rose pink, medium semi double. Long flowering season. 
YULETIDE Orange red, small, single. Neat bush to about 1.5 metres. 


BRUSHFIELD’S YELLOW – Cream petals, primrose petaloids, anemone form. 
DEBUTANTE - Light pink, medium, full peony form
DESIRE - White edged pink, medium formal double
ELEGANS - Rose pink spotted white, large, anemone form
ELEGANS CHAMPAGNE - White, large to very large, anemone form
ELEGANS SPLENDOR - Light pink, large to very large, anemone form
ELEGANS SUPREME - Rose pink, large to very large, anemone form
FIONA CAPP - White, large, single
GRAND SLAM - Dark red, very large, semi double to anemone form
GREAT EASTERN - Rose red, medium to large, semi double
GUILIO NUCCIO - Coral rose pink, large to very large, semi double to incomplete double
LOVELIGHT – White, large, semi-double. 
MARGARET DAVIS - Creamy white edged vermillion, medium, informal double
NUCCIO'S GEM - White, medium to large, formal double
NUCCIO’S JEWEL– White washed and shaded orchid pink, peony form. 
ROYAL VELVET – Dark red large, semi-double. 
THE CZAR - Light crimson, large, semi double. 

(Miniature & Smaller flowered cultivars) 

BLACK TIE – (Small) Dark red, small, formal double. 
BON BON – (Miniature) White splotched red, miniature peony form
CONFETTI BLUSH – (Small) Pink edged white with occasional red stripe, peony form. 
FIRCONE – (Small) Blood red, semi double, similar. to a fir cone
GRACE ALBRITTON – (Small) White edged pink, formal double
KITTY – (Small) White with pink border, small formal double
LEMON DROP – (Small) White with lemon centre, peony double. 
LITTLE MAN – (Small) White shading to pink, loose peony form
LITTLE SLAM - (Small) Rich red, full peony form
MAN SIZE - (Small) White, anemone form
ROGER HALL – (Small) red, medium, formal double. 
SUGAR BABE – (miniature) Dark pink, formal double. 
TINSIE – (Miniature) Red outer petals, white petaloid centre anemone form.


DR CLIFFORD PARKS - Red, very large, semi double to full peony
FRANCIE L - Rose pink, very large, semi-double. 
HOWARD ASPER - Salmon pink, very large, loose peony form
JOHN HUNT - Pink, very large, rose form double
LADY PAMELA - White centre, pink petal margins, large semi-double. 
LASCA BEAUTY - Soft pink, very large, semi double
MARGARET HILFORD - Deep red, very large, semi-double. 
MISS TULARE - Bright red, large to very large, incomplete to formal double
OVERTURE - Bright red, very large, semi double to incomplete double
PURPLE GOWN - Dark purple red, large to very large, formal double to peony SAMANTHA - China pink, very large, semi double to loose peony
TERRELL WEAVER - Dark red, very large, semi double
WINTER'S OWN - Soft orchid pink, very large, very large, semi-double. 


ANTICIPATION -Deep rose, large, peony form
BARBARA ANNE - Rose pink, large, semi-double. 
BETTY RIDLEY - Pink, large, formal double
BUTTON'S 'n BOWS - Light pink, deeper at edge, medium formal double. 
CORAL DELIGHT - Deep coral pink, medium, semi Salmon pink, large, semi double
DEBBIE - Rose pink, large, peony
DONATION - Orchid pink, large, semi double
E.G. WATERHOUSE - Light pink, medium, formal double
HARI WITHERS - Deep pink, medium, formal double
ILLUMINATION - Glowing hot pink, medium informal double. Great cultivar for shady spot. 
MARY PHOEBE TAYLOR - Light rose pink, very large, semi double to peony form
NICKY CRISP - Pale lavender pink, medium semi-double. 
PALE OPAL - White centre shading to pink, medium, loose peony form. 
SPRITE - Light pink, small, rose form double
WALTZ TIME - Pink/coral, medium, semi-double. 
WATER LILY - Lavender tinted bright pink, medium, formal double. 


ADORABLE - Bright pink, medium formal double, compact, upright growth.
ALPEN GLO - (Miniature) Pink, miniature, single in clusters
BABY BEAR - (miniature) Light pink to white, single, dwarf compact growth
MANDY - (Miniature) Pale pink, semi-double. Open, weeping growth
NIGHT RIDER - (Miniature/small) Very dark black red, semi-double.
OUR MELISSA - (Miniature) Pink, anemone form. Vigorous weeping growth. 
SNOW DROP - White edged pink, miniature, single in clusters
SPRITE - (Small) Light, salmon pink, rose form double. Compact, upright growth. 
SPRING FESTIVAL - (Miniature) Medium pink, miniature, rose form double
SWEET JANE - (Miniature) Ivory white to pale pink centre suffusing to deeper pink on outer petals. Peony form to semi-double. 
TINY PRINCESS - White shaded pink, semi double to peony form, 
WIRLINGA BRIDE - (Miniature) White, single with crepe petals. Vigorous, spreading growth.
WIRLINGA GEM - (Miniature) Single, pale pink deepening at petal edges. Spreading, compact growth.


CINNAMON CINDY - (Miniature) Rose pink with white centre petaloids, peony form. 
FAIRY BLUSH - (Miniature) Apple blossom with bright pink buds, single form. 
FRAGRANT JOY - (Miniature) Lavender pink, rose form double. 
HIGH FRAGRANCE - (Medium) Pale ivory pink, deeper outer edge, peony form. 
MINATO-NO-AKEBONO - (Miniature) Pink single. 
SCENTED GEM - (Miniature) Fuschia pink with white petaloids, semi-double. 
SCENTUOUS - (Small) White with pink reverse to petals. Semi-double. 
SCENTSATION - (Large) Silver pink, peony form. 
SUPERSCENT - (Large) Cream with pink blush, peony form. 
SWEET EMILY KATE - (Miniature) Light pink shading to pale pink in the centre. Full peony form. Slow, pendulous growth. 


ASSIMILIS - Small white flowers but mainly grown for foliage. 
GRIJSII - White sometimes fragrant flowers. Serrulated leaves. Double flowered from also available. 
NITIDISSIMA - Yellow flowers, shy bloomer, excellent foliage in shady position
LUTCHUENSIS - Small white flower, highly fragrant, small leaves
MALIFLORA - Soft pink shading to rose red, small incomplete to informal double
ROSAEFLORA - Pinkish rose, small flower
SALICIFOLIA - Small white flower but mainly grown for great foliage colour. 
SINENSIS - (Cuppa tea plant) Small single flowers, white or pink. 
TSAll - Small white flowers, fragrant, long narrow leaves. Upright cascading upon itself habit. 
YEHSIENENSIS - White, fragrant, larger flowered species.