General Culture Notes

Camellia Care Calendar

A guide on caring for your Camellias all year round.

The hardiness of Camellias

The Hardiness of Camellias

Article by Jim Powell from St. George & Sutherland Camellia Society Inc. (N.S.W.) re the devastating bushfires that ravaged his camellia collection in 2001 and how his plants coped.

Tea stories and facts

Tea Stories and Facts

Ever wonder about who discovered tea and where it came from? What about a Q & A of tea facts. Tea types explained and its health benefits.

 R. Ruta Hagman

Camellia Trends

Article by Barry Johnson 'Trendy Camellias' examining some of the changing trends in camellia breeding, growing and trends over the years

 J. Kujaku Tsubaki (Peacock Camellia)

Camellia Foliage

Article by Barry Johnson 'Who Needs Flowers' which celebrates some of the camellia cultivars that also display sensational foliage colours, shapes and growth habits.

Cherries and Crab Apples

Camellia Companion Plants

Article by Barry Johnson 'Companions to the Order of Camellias' suggesting classes of companion plants that would be suitable with camellias, in various garden micro-climates.

 Espaliered Sasanqua

Sasanqua Camellias

Article by Barry Johnson 'Whose Poor Relation' decrying the virtues and versatility of sasanqua camellias.

 H. Fairy Bouquet bush

Hybrid Camellias

Article by Barry Johnson 'Who Slept With Whom?' (The Secret Lives of Hybrid Camellias). A concise history of hybrid camellias with particular emphasis on Victorian breeders.

Moving Camellias

The Right Moves

Article by Barry Johnson concerning the removal and transplanting of established camellias.