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"Successful Camellia Growing" Handbook

We are proud to announce the release of the fully revised Fourth Edition of “Successful Camellia Growing” with updated text and new photographs. Written by our members for local conditions, it covers all aspects of camellia growing. This publication will be available as of 14 August 2019. Price is $10.00, plus $3.00 for packaging and post.

Please place orders to: Cathy Coath, 4 Fleming Court, Research, 3095 or by email : Payment can be by cheque to Camellias Victoria or by direct debit to BSB 633 000, Acc. No. 117666883, please include Name and Book.


  • Container Culture

  • Camellias and the Environment

  • Propagation - Seeds, Cuttings & Grafting

  • Camellia Pests and Diseases

  • Hybridising Camellias

  • Exhibiting Camellias

  • Species

  • A Look to the Future

  • From the Past to the Future

  • Types of Camellia Plants

  • Camellias and Colour

  • Types of Flowers

  • Camellias in the Landscape

  • Fragrant Camellias

  • Suggested Varieties

  • Selecting a Camellia for Your Garden

  • Camellia Care

  • Camellia Calendar