General Tips

Example of a macro shot

Going Digital

You've finally decided to throw away the Box Brownie and buy a new digital camera but, you have no idea how to go about making the transition.  Barry Johnson; Past-President of Camellias Victoria and long-time keen photographer has written a three part series of articles of simple step-by-step advice drawing on his years of experience in the field. Barry has provided much of the digital photography for this site. The first instalment encompasses all the things you have to consider in the purchase of your digit.

Marvellous what angles can do

Down the Digital Trail

This is the second instalment by Barry Johnson concerning tips on how to use your new digital contraption. The tips are loaded towards 'in the field' horticultural photography.

Image editing

Fun with Your Digits

Third and final instalment of digital photography explained articles. This one deals with your camera loaded with artistic pics and how to deal with them.  In other words, how you get to look at and share them.